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Austrian Economics as a Popperian Research Programme

by Rafe Champion

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Champion, Rafe. 2002. Austrian Economics as a Popperian Research Programme. Paper for Popper Centenary Conference, 2002.

Conclusion: The continuing revival of the unfashionable but potentially fruitful Austrian program depends on recruiting people from the dominant orthodoxies where they tend to be locked in by three influences. First by the guild mentality (professional brand loyalty); second, by ideological commitments (another form of brand loyalty); and finally, by unexamined metaphysical or philosophical theories. The third is probably the most insidious influence because it traps people who might otherwise be prepared to resist brand loyalties. The "Popper program" offers hope for real progress in throwing off the fetters of counter-productive metaphysics because it helps to expose the roots of deep structural assumptions so they can be subjected to criticism. The revival of the Austrian program also requires that the Austrians themselves have another look at Popper instead of following the example of Mises and dismissing his ideas as irrelevant to their concerns.

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