Der Apriorist - Abstracts 30. Jan. 2011

Is Government Inevitable?

by Peter T. Leeson and Edward P. Stringham

Tags: limited government, anarchy, state theory
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Peter T. Leeson and Edward P. Stringham. Is Government Inevitable?. Journal of Libertarian Studies 21.1 (2007).

Abstract: Inspired by Holcombe's (2004) argument that government is inevitable, this paper reconsiders some of his claims. We contend that his argument fails on two counts: it both fails to show that anarchy must break down and that limited government will not. The arguments Holcombe raises against the viability of anarchy can be applied to the viability of limited government, and the arguments he uses for the viability of limited government can be applied to the viability of anarchy. We discuss the problems with Holcombe's theoretical arguments as well as historical evidence that casts doubt on his claims.


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